Justin F. Genzlinger

Board Member

Justin Genzlinger grew up in Hawley, PA, where he worked at his family’s boutique hotel – The Settlers Inn. In April, 2012 Mr. Genzlinger sold his consultancy in Washington, DC and returned to the area as a full time resident focusing on private equity investments and real estate development that generate economic development in the Lake Wallenpaupack region. Mr. Genzlinger has developed over 110,000 square feet of commercial space in the area concentrated in Education, Medical, and Lifestyle Consumer Businesses. His portfolio of real estate and businesses include managing interest in the Hawley Silk Mill, Ledges Hotel, Hawley Medical Center, Lake Region Fitness, Lake Region Limo and Mill Market.

Mr. Genzlinger’s corporate career in Financial Services largely served as a co-founder and Partner at Actualize Consulting, where he led the Mortgage & Fixed Income practice group. At Actualize, Mr. Genzlinger specialized in several facets of the mortgage conduit including mortgage origination & purchase, mortgage servicing (including loss mitigation), mortgage pooling and securitization and investments in mortgage related investment portfolios. His in-depth knowledge of mortgage finance comes from his vast experience with high profile government sponsored entities such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac & Ginnie Mae. Mr. Genzlinger also served clients such as hedge funds, bond insurance companies, regional and national banks and Wall Street Firms. Mr. Genzlinger served on the Mortgage Bankers Association committees for Capital Markets, Technology and Accounting, Tax and Regulatory affairs where he spoke regularly at National MBA industry conferences.

Prior to Actualize, Mr. Genzlinger worked as a Senior Director at Freddie Mac in the Capital Markets division and also served as a Senior Consultant with Capital Advisory Services.