Robert Neary

Board Member

Robert “Bob” Neary has 40 years of experience in information technology and management professions, including more than 30 years in management and executive level positions. He also has 20 plus years’ experience with higher education leadership and organization change. Mr. Neary brings with him a strong foundation in the service orientation of information technology, a conceptual and practical framework to effectively build client relationships, direct strategic technology planning efforts, lead tactical implementations, and manage business process re-engineering projects. He is currently the President and Co-Founder at TechGnosis, Inc.

Mr. Neary has led complex healthcare technology initiatives, including multiple Electronic Health Records system procurement and implementation projects and, for more than 4 years, telehealth initiatives. He was the program manager for implementing a telehealth system in more than 200 primary care and specialty care clinics in Los Angeles County.

Mr. Neary has provided information technology management consulting and technical services to clients in higher education, healthcare, mobile communications, and biotechnology industries. Mr. Neary has created and promoted the vision of integrated systems solutions for the Los Angeles Unified School District for Health Information Management, Medi-Cal (Medicaid billing, special education, and student information systems, as well as facilitated technology solutions selections on behalf of LAUSD). He has provided contract negotiations services for the procurement of technology and service solutions, developed financial and staffing plans for various projects.

Mr. Neary was formerly the Chief Administrative Information Officer with the California Institute of Technology. He designed, recruited for, and developed an in-house organization to replace an outsourced team, and he was the co-project manager for CIT’s Administrative Process Engineering initiative.

Mr. Neary served in various management and consulting roles with System & Computer Technology. As General Manager, he directed a portfolio of outsourcing business for the public sector, utilities and manufacturing clients, jointly developed strategic plans with the client and corporate executives, and managed delicate staffing expansions and contractions.

Mr. Neary served for 16 years as a director of the Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic (now WellNest). He chaired or was an active participant in several Board sub-committees.  Among them are the Clinical Operations and Technology Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, Governance Committee, and an ad hoc committee to recruit a new President/CEO for the clinic.