Frequently Asked Questions About Marley’s Mission

Q: Is Marley’s Mission a non-profit corporation?
A: Yes. Marley’s Mission has been designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit corporation. Therefore, all donations, contribution and in-kind services are tax deductible.

Q: Who does Marley’s Mission help?
A: Marley’s Mission helps children and families who have experienced trauma. Oftentimes, children who visit the Mission have been traumatized by abuse or neglect.

Q: Why are horses used to assist in therapy?
A: Those who are familiar with horses recognize and understand the power of horses to influence people in incredibly powerful ways. Horses are large and powerful, which creates a natural opportunity for some to overcome fear and develop confidence.

Q: Do families have to pay for services at the Mission?
A: No. Marley’s Mission does not require families to pay out-of-pocket for its services. We provide all of our services at no charge to children and their families.

Q: What geographic areas do you serve?
A: Currently, the Mission treats children from Wayne, Pike, Lackawanna, Susquehanna and Luzerne Counties. However, we do not limit our services to residents of NEPA. We welcome all children no matter where they live.

Q: How often (and for how long) does my child have to come to the Mission?
A: The frequency and length of time a child will visit Marley’s Mission is generally determined by your child’s Trauma Therapist and recommendations will be made within each child’s treatment plan.

Q: My son/daughter is afraid of horses; can you help with that also?
A: Yes. The staff at Marley’s Mission understand horses can be intimidating animals. Great care is taken to assure a child has a comfort and understanding of horses. Since much of the Equine-Assisted Therapy (EAP) Treatment Model used at the Mission involves “groundwork” (i.e., not on horseback) those fears can be transitioned into enhanced self-esteem for your child.

Q: What do you do in the event of inclement weather?
A: Marley’s Mission is equipped with a large indoor riding arena that is sheltered from the elements. Marley’s Mission recognizes that consistency and stability is essential to your child’s treatment. In most cases, Marley’s Mission is open rain or shine.

Q: How is Marley’s Mission Funded?
A: Marley’s Mission receives a combination of both private and public funding. The Mission receives nominal compensation for some of its clients through the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency and through grant programs with local counties. Unfortunately, this is not enough to sustain our organization therefore we rely heavily on monetary and in kind donations from our wonderful supporters.