Chase Community Giving

Chase Community Giving will Provided each winning Charity meets all the eligibility and other requirements of the Program Rules, Chase will make a total of $3,025,000 in donations as follows:

$250,000 to the Charity receiving the most votes (rank 1);
$100,000 to the runner-up Charities (ranks 2-5); and
$25,000 to the next runner–up Charities (ranks 6-100).

What would Marley’s Mission do with $250,000? We would be able to continue to see countless children and their families for free for years to come. The process is simple and only takes about a minute. Simply click the Chase Community Giving badge, then “like” Chase then cast your cote for Marley’s Mission. You will know that your vote was accepted when you receive a message saying you have 9 votes left.

Thank you for your continued support!